Dress Code

Dress Code (printable version)

George Washington Carver Community Middle School has a unified dress code policy. All students have the right to attend a safe and secure school where the focus is on academics. Carver ensures that students are dressed and groomed in a manner that will not interfere with the school environment or disrupt the educational process.

Clothing should be suitable, comfortable, and safe for normal school activities and should reflect pride in one’s personal appearance. The George Washington Carver Middle School unified dress code promotes safety, improves discipline, and enhances the learning environment.

Only the items described below are allowed at George Washington Carver Community Middle School. Any variations and/or additions are considered a violation of the school’s code.
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Collared polo/golf-style shirt, with sleeves, worn as the outermost garment. Collars must be visible at all times. Carver t-shirts can be worn as a uniform shirt. This includes club and program shirts. The t-shirt must be worn in its original form and cannot be altered.
Additional Carver t-shirts are available for pre-order. The cost of the t-shirt is $10.

SOLID colored pants, including denim jeans (no rips or holes, no skin can be visible). NO LEGGINGS, NO BIKER SHORTS, NO SWEAT PANTS, NO JOGGERS, NO WORKOUT/YOGA PANTS, and NO SWEAT PANTS!
Tailored, hemmed conservative fit.
No pants with slits, holes, or cuts of any type.
Pants must be fitted and sit at the waist.
Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length.

Loafers or sneakers
Shoes must be completely enclosed (front and back) and flat.

Must be worn over a polo/golf style shirt. Collars must be out and visible.
Jackets may be any material and must be waist length.
No inappropriate images, phrases, or logos may be on any outerwear.
NO jackets or sweatshirts with hoods will be allowed, only crew-cut jackets and sweatshirts.

ID Badges
ID Badges must be worn at all times, do not cover any information on the badges.
Replacement badges will be available for $5 each.

Heads cannot be covered. (Unless it pertains to religious belief)
Hats, sweatbands, bandanas, and hoodies are not to be worn while on campus.

All clothing must fit correctly. Tight-fitting and/or revealing clothing will not be allowed!
No inappropriate, offensive images or logos. Clothing that presents a distraction or is deemed inappropriate will result in a dress code violation and will be corrected immediately.

If you are unsure of what to purchase, please do not hesitate to call us at:
Main# 561-638-2100; 6th Grade 561-638-2110; 7th Grade 561-638-2160; 8th Grade 628-2124

We welcome your phone call and will gladly answer any questions.